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Oct 24, 2016

We often read headlines around how technology is destroying jobs, but there is another side to this modern tale that is not always reported on. There are only 6,500 self-reported data engineers on LinkedIn, but the San Francisco Bay area alone has 6,600 job listings for that same title.

Galvanize are aiming to change all that by providing an education environment where you can become a developer, data scientist, secure a dream job or even build their own tech startup. What other motivation could you possibly need

At every Galvanize campus there are hundreds of students learning industry-leading skills in software development and data science, alongside representatives from the area’s top startups and some of the world’s most prestigious tech companies.

Galvanize works with hiring partners such as Allstate, Amazon, Salesforce, IBM, Pivotal, and Tesla, to ensure that students are prepared for success or embark on a dream career. 

I invited the CEO & Founder of Galvanize to learn more how anyone with ambition and aptitude can succeed if they are provided with the skills industry needs most.

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