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Nov 2, 2016

Chatlight was designed by a professional photographer who was frustrated with the way people look on screen via video chat and Skype calls. The inventor of Chatlight saw the main problem immediately when Skype was launched. He noticed that people looked dark and/or blurry when video chatting and that, through a photographer’s eyes, the simple solution was better lighting.

Armed with an idea, they turned to a Kickstarter campaign which included over 1,000 enthusiastic and supportive backers who believed in a product that up until now had not even existed. The response to Chatlight's post-Kickstarter survey yielded overwhelming support and has opened doors for Chatlight to be shared with the rest of the world.

I was fascinated by how a photographer and entrepreneur went from idea to a Kickstarter campaign and the incredible journey to ensure that the product became a reality. I invited Henry Geddes onto the show to find out more.

Chatlight now improves the camera lens function and image quality to illuminate Skype users faces and make them look better online.

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