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Nov 5, 2016

Healthcare startups represent a booming industry. We have all heard about how the Internet of Things. (IoT) will change our world. But have you heard of the Internet of Medical Devices (IoMD)?

The growth of IoMD, and how it's changing the future of connected healthcare is quite staggering. This movement is being adopted by both startups and established health brands. After hearing about how Industry titan GE Healthcare recently announced its partnership with a company called Trice Imaging, the leading cloud-based medical imaging solutions provider. I invited the CEO and co-founder of Trice onto the show to learn about her motivation and secret to her business success.

Åsa Nordgren is CEO and co-founder of Trice Imaging Inc., an innovate provider of technology to the healthcare industry. Trice Imaging has developed a patented and award-winning solution for sending high-quality medical images, stills and videos to cellphones and other communication devices. Trice Imaging has customers in 15 counties. Trice Imaging’s first service Mobile BabyTM was awarded with 2 GSMA Global Mobile Awards, also called the Oscars of the Telecom Industry.

“The ability to almost instantly send images to colleagues is extremely useful,” says Dr. Greggory Devore, director of the Fetal Diagnostic Centers. “I have had several occasions in which I sent images to multiple contributors on a single case study, and using Tricefy is the best way to do that. 

Trice is the collaboration platform that gives my offices the possibility to share medical cases in a secure and cost-efficient environment. I look forward to performing live demonstrations with Trice Imaging at ISUOG World Congress 2015 and showing other doctors and clinicians the speed and ease that comes with using this groundbreaking technology.”