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Dec 9, 2016

Natalie Rebot is a Google software engineer turned entrepreneur. She has created a unique new device that launched on Kickstarter this week and has caught parents imagination across the globe.

All too often technology gets a bad rap, particularly when parenting is concerned and must admit that I wince and find it quite heartbreaking when I see a child pulling at their parents clothes as they desperately attempt to get their parents attention while they continue to endlessly scroll down Facebook or Instagram.

After reading how Natalie only one in three parents read stories to their kids at bedtime now because they are too tired or had a long commute home, she decided to do something about it.

Inspired by her daughter "Princess Chloe" she created a fascinating product that turns the phone screen away from both child and parents eyes and transformed the bedtime story at night to enhance the much-needed quality time,

As I came to record tonight's show and perform some last minute research, I discovered that Actress Tori Spelling has just hopped on board the campaign saying

"I'm totally in love with! It’s a bedtime story projector that clips right to your phone and uses your phone flashlight to project your kids’ favorite bedtime stories onto the ceiling or wall. I’m partnering with Moonlite because I know my kids will love this and I’m down for anything to make story time more fun for my little ones. It’s available now and selling out fast."

As someone that has very fond memories of view master, I felt compelled to find out more about how technology was offering a new slant on one of our greatest storytelling traditions. I felt compelled to learn more.

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