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Dec 14, 2016

Stealth Mac management startup Fleetsmith recently launched with $3.1 million seed round. Deploying applications or forcing app and operating system updates to an entire fleet of Macs is now a reality.

Those working in cybersecurity or IT will also delight in hearing how disk encryption and firewalls can also be centrally managed to ensure that MACS are compliant like the machines in a windows environment.

Fleetsmith features include:


  • Fully automated packaging and patch management: Apps are automatically packaged and updated across the entire fleet, with optional update enforcement deadlines.
  • Fleet-wide OS upgrades: Upgrade to macOS Sierra (and future major releases) with one click.
  • G Suite integration: Securely login and import users with G Suite.
  • Device inventory: Centralized device inventory that eliminates spreadsheets and offers fleet health insights. 

"It's rare to find an IT management solution that delivers a robust set of security capabilities while maintaining a first-class administrator and end-user experience,” said Kevin Mahaffey, Founder and CTO of Lookout. “Fleetsmith does it.”

IT teams historically accustomed to Windows-heavy environments, tools to manage Macs—even as they’ve become more ubiquitous—have not kept up. Current Mac management solutions are difficult to try and buy, overly complex, and require dedicated IT and security resources. 

I invited Zack Blum onto the show to find out more.