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Jan 4, 2017

Favro is an online collaboration tool that adapts to how you work, making it easy to plan just about anything with anyone. Used by companies in marketing, development, gaming, law, recruitment and more – Favro is perfect for the whole team and is designed to keep everyone, regardless of their role, on the same page.

The IT strategy is no longer just IT’s responsibility. It now touches multiple departments from finance to marketing to HR. But, getting IT teams to collaborate cross-organization is easier said than done.

At many companies, highly-technical IT professionals are reluctant to embrace collaboration outside of their team or the comfort of their IT department.

While they hold a wealth of information, organizational silos often block this knowledge from outside departments. As IT strategy becomes more of a broader business problem, IT departments will need to step outside their comfort zone and collaborate with other teams.

Anyone interested in learning more about why IT departments should embrace collaboration to improve the organization’s IT strategy will love today's show.

Patric Palm, CEO and co-founder of Favro, chats with Neil about this new online planning and collaboration tool.