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Feb 9, 2017

DroneDeploy is an aerial mapping, image capture, and data analytics platform that is bringing drones to the Enterprise. The cloud-based software is enabling simple and reliable drone operations. Users can now create maps & 3D models in two clicks with ver 8 million acres served in 130 countries, I had to find out more.

In a week where the appearance of a 300 strong fleet of Intel’s Shooting Star GPS-controlled drones overshadowed Lady Gaga’s spectacular halftime show forming the shape of the American flag, it seems we have dramatically underestimated this technology.

There is much more to drone technology than marketing videos, drone deliveries, and all those other tech headlines. Did you know drones are already saving businesses both time and money?

Whether it be speeding up construction projects, monitoring highway projects and even transforming the world of agriculture. For example, a combination of a drone and DroneDeploy's software is helping seed and fertilizer retailers collect and analyze data for each field, crop, and variety they sell.

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