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Feb 15, 2017

Opportunity ( is a business network driven by real-time interactions and opportunities around you. The company uses a scientific approach to matching professionals based on a real opportunity to do business.

In order to bring professionals together in a more meaningful way, they have built a system for finding sales leads, job opportunities, job candidates, and the ability to network.

Opportunity knows that the future of business is going to be driven by real-time data, and they are at the forefront of this movement to connect people to business opportunities.

The app is currently in use by professionals in more than 190 countries worldwide and they have already connected and referred more than 20 million professionals, building bridges between hiring managers, job-seekers, sales professionals, and networkers. 

Virtually everything else is already being automated so startup Opportunity has become the first networking site to integrate artificial intelligence into its platform

I invited the CEO and Co-Founder Janis Krums onto the show who has a few amazing stories to share with us today such as the time he was heading to New Jersey on a ferry when he clicked a snapshot with his iPhone of US Airways Flight 1549 partially submerged in the Hudson River.

He uploaded the picture to his Twitter account and then forgot about it as he assisted in the rescue of the plane's passengers.The deluge of image views crashed the servers of TwitPic, the application that allows Twitter users to send photos with their Twitter updates or 'tweets.'

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