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Apr 10, 2017

I have spoken a great deal recently about a personalized digital world where we get what we want, when we want it and on whatever device we have to hand.

SimpleDeal and their newly launched mobile app that allows consumers to find dining deals at nearby restaurants all at the tap of a button on their phones.The instantaneous deal method provides restaurants with the ability to customize unique experiences for customers in real time.

Once again its a great story and indication of where the industry is heading. So I invited Founder, James McKinney onto the show tonight and I'm delighted he said yes.

"Restaurant customer engagement is not the same as it once was. People are looking for 1-2-3 fast, even when they aren't searching for fast food. I wanted to create something that emphasized a strong one-to-one level of engagement between individual businesses and consumers," states James McKinney, Founder of SimpleDeal. "We didn't want to chunk off restaurants

James McKinney has also brought growth and technology to some of the world’s largest organizations and across multiple sectors. With a background in strategic partner development, his strengths are in ideation and execution.

His personal career sales total more than $250 million while his implemented technologies continue to generate profits that have exceeded $1 billion. so if that doesn't leave you wanting more, I don't know what will.

"We didn't want to chunk off restaurants profits or force them to take any losses or hits. Advertising shouldn't be difficult. It's simple, it should garner a return. On the same token finding a place to eat with an amazing offer should be simple as pie. We managed to pack all of that into SimpleDeal and we are thoroughly excited about location-based discovery options within the future."