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Apr 18, 2017

Storyhunter has more than 20,000 freelance video producers and journalists across 180 countries. With $4.2M in funding the talent marketplace is hitting the headlines for all the right reasons.

Storyhunter proudly counts four of the five largest news organizations and two of the three largest magazine publishers as clients. Other clients include, NBC, CNN International, Time, National Geographic, Discovery Digital, and The Weather Channel, as well as brands including Airbnb, Expedia, Zillow, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Custom Networks: Video producers can organize both new and existing freelancers into their own custom networks e.g. “360 shooters,” “African freelancers,” “Best editors,” and send group messages, or reach out to freelancers individually.

So if CNN needs footage for a breaking news story in your area, they simply dial a creative who is on their books. At least that's my understanding, but to clear this question up and many more questions I invited Jaron Gilinsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Storyhunter onto the show.