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Apr 19, 2017

Punch Alert is the first mobile app to help users crowdsource safety for a wide scope of situations. 

The first safety app to focus on the responder’s needs, Punch Alert turns any iOS or Android device into a mobile emergency solution. Users report emergencies or suspicious situations to preselected responders with text notes, images, video or audio recordings. Responders can

Responders can crowdsource this information, and redistribute warnings and announcements to the entire community as one mass notification. Instantly after an emergency is reported, responders receive an email, text message and automated phone call with the name and location of the person reporting the emergency.

Responders can screen emergencies as they come in, release them to specific users, distribute emergency plans, communicate with other responders, share content and updates with anyone necessary and completely resolve the emergency – all from a mobile device.

Its a fascinating topic so i invited Greg Artzt CEO at Punch Technologies on the show to understand how they are adding peace of mind to the event industry and ensuring safety and security of our schools, universities, healthcare facilities, and other campus locations.