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May 10, 2017

ClearMetal, an edgy logistics tech provider applying AI and machine learning to the massive global logistics industry where a digital overhaul is desperately needed. The $26T per year global supply chain represents nearly 10% of global GDP, but still runs on legacy, pre-internet technology.

The industry is poised for digital disruption as logistics professionals seek new ways to make sense of the supply chain's overwhelming complexities. Just as machine learning and AI have overhauled other industries, they’ve already started to streamline efficiencies in supply chain and create a powerful new digital solution called “predictive logistics.”

By gathering and harnessing siloed supply chain data, adding new data sources, and applying advanced technology, predictive logistics has emerged.

I speak with Adam Compain, founder and CEO of ClearMetal, about how this startup is specializing in predictive analytics within freight transportation.