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May 15, 2017

You may have heard about the thriving tech start-up scene in New York, Chicago, Houston or even Tel Aviv, but I recently learned that Ukraine also has a fantastic tech scene too.

MacPaw is a team of like-minded techies, who live in the heart of Ukraine and create apps loved by users everywhere. As true geeks, we never stop exploring tech and looking for ways to make your Mac life better. Not because they have to, but because it’s fun.

You may remember that back on episode 199 I interviewed the CEO of Setapp which was made by MacPaw and offers Netflix for Mac Apps in an alternative app store and they made me realise that I am intrigued about a new tech start-up scene in Ukraine, and I have a contact out there too.

Add these two together, and I was able to convince Julia Petryk, the PR & Media Manager over at MacPaw Inc to come on the show and tell us all about how technology is transforming life in Ukraine.

I chat to Julia about everything from the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, the thriving tech and startup scene and even visiting Chernobyl in an episode which is a must listen to those passionate about technology and travel.