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May 22, 2017

I recently came across a company called Pollfish and they captured my attention with their intro which went something like:

Don't you want to know what your competitor's customers really think? How can a 'David'-sized app acquire users in a landscape dominated by a handful of 'Goliath' companies?

Answer: Go undercover—now there is a tool that can ask a competitor’s users exactly what they're thinking so apps can optimize their offering accordingly and slingshot around the competition.

The app is using groundbreaking 'behind enemy lines' technology that helps app publishers take down even the most established competitors from the inside.

With Pollfish’s proprietary polling technology via third-party mobile apps, they claim that startups can conduct fast, flexible, economical market research they need to compete with—and even win against—big brands.

App publishers can deliver a customized survey straight to the users of the app of their choosing. Examples could include ridesharing apps targeting Uber users, personal finance apps surveying Mint users, or new social networks questioning Snapchat users.