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Jun 1, 2017

As part of this, Adobe is building stories around how they can see customers leveraging AI and machine learning – and how the technology is impacting industries like retail and travel.

In retail, for example, AI is already being used to predict customer behavior via analysis of shopping lists (with user consent) and provide better recommendations.  

Adobe also recently announced a “virtual analyst” within their analytics product, that leverages AI to help brands better act on data.

I invited John Bates from Adobe onto the show to help you all visualize how much of what we have read about in the tech press is now impacting both businesses and consumers in a good way.

Forget the rise of the machines, John talks about united humanity and machines. In a world where Apple Music/Spotify suggest what music to listen to, Netflix determines what you will watch and Amazon what you buy. Bates reveals more about how Adobe is tapping into trends that are actually consumer driven.