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Jun 13, 2017

I recently discovered how a Whiskey discovery app is making big waves in the Netherlands. has collected nearly 50.000 whiskey reviews and tasting notes from both online and offline publications, and in different languages from all over the world.

The App also extracts all flavor related remarks from all of these tasting notes, combined them, and created Flavor Profiles. Basically, these profiles display what most people will taste in a whiskey.

But there is much more to the app than that, and there is a great story behind it too. So if you like whiskey and would like to understand how technology can help you find a classy whiskey based on your tastes, you will love this episode.

The most wish listed whiskeys of the moment are Highland Park Valkyrie, Ardbeg Kelpie and Glenmorangie Bacalta. All of these have been released during the past few weeks, which explains why they're trending.

If you are unsure what of what to buy your Dad for Fathers day, maybe you should try scanning a bottle of his favorite drink and check out how technology can even now choose the perfect bottle of Whisky based on your own personal tastes and preferences.