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Jun 18, 2017

Does your business need a good alternative to Google Groups, Meetup, Slack, Mailchimp, CRM, and the endless of other tech solutions out there?

The average business now has a growing number of global partners, freelancers, resellers, affiliates, influencers, developer groups. Your next work colleague could even be in a different time zone.

How are businesses adapting to this massive shift? And how do they effectively communicate with them all? Sure many turn to platforms such as Slack, but we need something to remove the white noise, not add to it.

CEO Sharon Savariego has helped build Mobilize to help companies communicate with external groups and individuals in a digital age. Essentially, Mobilize is a single communication hub for groups. It helps you easily communicate with and organize your group members from one place.

Considering that true innovation comes from connecting people, I invited the Mobilize CEO onto the show to learn how they are connecting people in a meaningful way.