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Jul 16, 2017

In 2014 TED Talk on “Techonomics” discussed the dual-nature of technology’s effect on capitalism and society. Jon has worked extensively throughout the African continent where he founded Appfrica, a tech advisory company, that simulated over $80M in new economic activity and job creation.

He can now be found on an unlikely street in Philly where Southbox is building a haven for business start-ups. Part fund, part studio, it aims to go beyond co-working or accelerator, incubating and building new ventures in the medical, entertainment, and other tech fields.

Multi-industry entrepreneur, investor, and data scientist Jon Gosier is the driving force behind the endeavor. “The idea for Southbox came because over the years I’ve realized I’m good at connecting the dots, pulling the right individuals together to form fast-growing companies that can be successful even after I work myself out,

Southbox is launching with 8 startups in its portfolio: Wounds A.I. (which uses machine learning to improve medical imaging and chronic wound care), Garvey Labs (a political data gathering company), TimeStamp (a mobile time-tracking app for nurses), Paramount Health (a home-healthcare service from Boston expanding to Philly), Quantified Culture (A.I. assisted talent management for influencers, musicians and entertainers), PhillyNext (a location-based event and venue discovery mobile app), Red Queen Gaming (which enhances video games with automated scripts), and CrashSpot (app-based micro-rentals of residential spaces in 15 minute blocks for people who are traveling and need a place to rest, change clothes, have meetings or nap).