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Jul 21, 2017

Folloze is a provider of an innovative Account Based Management (ABM) Sales Platform, which enables B2B sales teams to use marketing techniques to engage, develop and win their top target accounts.

The technology behind the company is architected for account personalization, while at the same time can scale to support thousands of accounts. This is achieved via dynamically generated content boards, content campaigning, real time account alerts and content and account analytics.

The platform is specifically designed for marketers to enable salespeople to use content campaigns, content automation, actionable account analytics, and other marketing techniques, all from within their familiar sales tools. These capabilities enable sales to act as consultants and educators during the selling process, delivering significantly more value to customers through the buying journey. This account-oriented approach allows salespeople to manage “account-specific funnels” and drastically increase their pipelines.

These capabilities enable salespeople to act as consultants through the selling process, delivering significantly more value to customers and drastically increasing their sales pipelines.