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Jul 23, 2017

Does a Connected Pet Device Bring You Closer To Your Pet? If you’re a tech-lover you’ve probably scoped out cool gadgets for your cat or dog. But Scollar is aiming to make sure you only need one gadget to cover all of your pet caring needs.

The Scollar pet wearable collar and accompanying app promise to keep track of everything such as pet tracking, pet sharing, training, reminders & notifications. Caring For Your Pet Cat & Dog is about to be made easier with this latest tech smart collar.

The intuitive and fun app guides you through pet setup. The map slider shows where your pal has been in case you have to find him in the future. Feeding & medication schedules are easily managed. Click the training icon to access highly curated videos that make you both smarter.

The app and smart collar work together to keep you in the know about your pet. Scollar is innovating far more than just another pet wearable. They are re-envisioning the pet industry and want you to be a part of our success story.

When I heard that they had already sold $42,000 Scollar Mini smart collars & accessories and have also enabled microchip pet doors and pet feeders to work with their new smart collars for cats and dogs, I invited CEO and founder Lisa Tamayo onto the show to find out more.