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Oct 4, 2017

Top Hat, a higher education startup that's already used in 75% of the major North American colleges and universities. They recently launched the first-ever digital content marketplace for higher education (like Etsy for professors), so that profs and academics can create, share, and collab on interactive, completely digital course materials.

Their aim is to decentralize the antiquated textbook industry (like an airbnb or uber did for their industries), upend traditional, inflated educational publishing, and make course materials cheaper for students. In addition to the marketplace, they are the first edtech startup to have an all-in-one teaching platform through a single channel on students' mobile devices -- where profs can track attendance, assign homework, grade, etc. 

I invited Mike Silagadze, Founder, and CEO of Top Hat onto the show to learn more about how they are disrupting the education textbook industry.