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Oct 5, 2017

Home61 is a real estate tech startup with a mission to bring the joy back to home buying and renting. They're also announcing new funding from Founders Fund as well as nationwide expansion in today's podcast.

It's often said that being a real estate agent is like being a tech entrepreneur. The vast majority of agents fail within just a few years because they're essentially launching their own business where they have to take care of everything from marketing/lead gen to legal documents.

Home61 uses automation and a startup accelerator-like training program that teaches agents how to be more efficient with technology. Their agents make $70K in their second year, which is nearly 8x the industry average of $8,930/year for agents with less than two years of experience.

Olivier Grinda is an internet entrepreneur and has successfully transposed and adapted European and American business models to Latin America. In June 2011, he co-founded, the first fashion brand in Brazil, to sell exclusive collections through monthly online subscriptions.