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Nov 2, 2017

Seal is the leading provider of Contract Discovery and Analytics.

Having a clear vision into your contractual relationships is critical. Knowing the risks, obligations, and opportunities with third parties is required for dealing with business, legal, or regulatory changes. This visibility is also a valuable and untapped source of intelligence for improving overall business performance.

Incorporating artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Seal’s contract discovery and analytics platform automates the discovery of contracts across the enterprise and brings them into a centralized repository for extracting all of the valuable terms, provisions, and clauses buried in the text.

The company has processed more than 50 million contracts over the last five years. Customers include Aetna, Deloitte, Docusign, Kaiser Permanente and Merck, and many Fortune 500 companies.

Seal's CEO Ulf Zetterberger talks about how AI is advancing content analytics, and how the Seal platform’s benefits of improved efficiencies, cost savings and discovery of new revenue opportunities impact businesses.