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Nov 3, 2017

Brian Murphy is the founder and CEO of ReliaQuest. The company advances the delivery, reliability, and outcomes of IT security for Fortune 2000 organizations in diverse industries.

Since 2007, ReliaQuest has rapidly grown into one of the leading providers of IT security for some of the most recognizable corporations in the world. The company’s co-managed approach is recognized as the emerging standard by industry experts.

The company takes a collaborative approach through co-management, developing custom solutions based on each organization’s risk profile and business goals while leveraging existing investments in security hardware and software.

I invited Brian Murphy, CEO and Founder at ReliaQuest onto the show to talk about winning the EY Entrepreneur Of the Year 2017 award, launching first-of-its-kind, technology-agnostic Cyber Simulator and why Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE named ReliaQuest one of the top places to work.