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Nov 5, 2017

Vervoe is reinventing the recruiting experience for startups, and small to medium businesses. Vervoe's task-based simulations evaluate an applicants' skills and style rather than their past employment experience. Employers can then easily rank them through the platform, and only meet the very best at the end. No more tedious résumé screening and time-consuming interviews. With Vervoe, you can hire the right people in 4 days, not 40.

Omer Molad is an entrepreneur and founder of Vervoe. His goal is to reinvent the recruiting experience to make it effective, fair and enjoyable. Omer's experience building teams, and being a candidate himself, has led him to believe that people should be given a chance to show what they can do, not be judged on where they've been.

"Every CEO I spoke to nominates hiring as the number one reason for losing sleep. Building a team is the most sacred activity a CEO can do said Omer Molad, CEO of Vervoe."

As a Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe, Omer promotes Vervoe's mission, leads the company's strategy alongside co-founder David Weinberg, and is responsible for customers, capital, and people. Having been a leader in large corporations, the humanitarian sector, the military, and now a fast-growing startup, Omer has a unique perspective on workplace culture, motivation and what makes teams successful, and his articles on these topics have been featured in leading publications. Omer holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law with Honours, and a Masters of Law.

Prior to co-founding Vervoe, Omer led a corporate finance solutions team at National Australia Bank, led an international emergency response program at Red Cross, and served as a platoon commander in Israel’s Defense Forces. Omer holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law with Honors, and a Masters of Law.