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Nov 12, 2017

We are all creatives now. Whether it be showcasing our holiday videos, streaming our gaming sessions or recording a podcast, we can create almost anything using our smartphone. However, it doesn't matter if you are on the Android on Apple side of the fence, although we are capable of streaming HD quality video, the microphone on our smartphone offers very poor quality in comparison.

Whether you are a musician that need to record work on the go, or journalists and podcasters who need something more capable than their iPhone's microphone, it seems that audio has been forgotten about. In our quest for visual perfection, it seems that audio quality has been neglected.

Mikme is introducing the world’s first fully wireless recording microphone that captures studio-grade audio at the push of one button. Standalone or via USB. Simply everywhere. The device was built to enable musicians, filmmakers, journalists as well as Skypers, gamers and lovers of sound creating content fast, in excellent quality and with mobile devices.

While a 1-inch true condenser, gold-plated capsule ensures this studio-grade sound, its design enables fast recordings. Equipped with a built-in flash drive, Mikme stores up to 360 hours or raw audio (24 bit, up to 96 kHz). By using it wirelessly with a mobile device recordings are streamed securely and immediately via a patented Bluetooth protocol to the Mikme App.

Features like up to 8 track recording, sound adjustment, effect adding, video integration, online sharing make the Mikme Mobile App a professional tool. Mikeme is based in Vienna/Austria and a team of passionate artists, designers, and engineers with a proven track of designing, developing and manufacturing consumer and professional audio products. The team members have won over 200 design awards, holding 100+ patents and have worked with world famous brands such as JBL, AKG, Samsung, Audio and others.

I invited Philipp Sonnleitner CEO and founder of Mikme onto the podcast to find out more. Passionate about being creative and making music, his goal is to make music creation, the process of writing, making or distributing music easier, faster and more fun for artists and their audience. As a creative and musician, he loves to build and design new and meaningful stuff. Whether it's a hardware product, app, cloud service or a small lego machine with my 3 sons.