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Dec 1, 2017

Did you know that most businesses that are using data feeds are locked into deals where they typically only use 10% of the features and end up paying for tech they don't use?

Today's guest Rachel Carpenter is the CEO of Intrinio – not only is it hugely disruptive data company which promises to challenge the elite minority of companies such as Reuters and Bloomberg they are also are also linked to Google and Microsoft and have been purchased by large financial institutions.

Intrinio is dedicated to the idea that innovation can only succeed if financial data is easy to work with and priced to move. Co-founded in 2012, by Rachel Carpenter and Joseph French, the team has grown rapidly over the last few years and works tirelessly to deliver high-quality financial data at disruptively low prices. The Intrinio Fintech Marketplace upends tradition, removing financial and technical roadblocks so developers can get to work.