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Dec 3, 2017

I recently came across some mouth-watering pics on the internet that would give anyone a severe case of the munchies. But I quickly noticed many of the best photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter were from a company called Goldbely who call themselves a curated e-commerce food marketplace.

Goldbely finds America’s most unique, creative, and legendary foods from across the country, and ships them to your front door. It’s one of those moments where you see a video or picture of your friend eating something delicious, and you want to try it, except – you’re not in the same city as them. Goldbely solves this and creates a new revenue stream for small and local food shops.

For the first time, people are now able to connect with the foods they remember from childhood/their hometowns, give the gift of nostalgia, or experience the latest viral sensations or most popular food trends.

Goldbely’s model is continuing to disrupt the supply chain and empower small shops to reach new audiences. By taking once obscure and artisanal products and making them available to everyone, Goldbely is uniquely positioned within the space, as it is among the first to offer regional/iconic food heroes with a new revenue stream.

After hearing how Goldbely also raised a $10M Series A to ship food from America’s most popular restaurants, I invited Joe Ariel, CEO, and CoFounder of Goldbely on to the show. We talk about the technology behind scaling local cuisine experiences to a national audience.