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Dec 13, 2017

Swanest is a financial technology start-up that develops intelligent investment tools to help investors to build, analyse and manage portfolios in a simple way.

The company also introduced a brand-new online investment tool (Investment Assistant), based on algorithms and designed to help private investors make better decisions when investing in stocks, ETFs or mutual funds.

“Traditional robo-advisors sell pre-made model portfolios, which is very similar to what financial advisors or banks do. However, investors often want to build their very own investment strategies. This ability to build, analyze and manage portfolios, consisting of any stocks, ETFs or funds, is what makes us unique.” -  Silvan Schumacher

The four founders started in late 2014 with the initial goal to launch a robo-advisor in Europe so I invited Silvan Schumacher, CEO of Swanest onto the show to find out more.