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Dec 18, 2017

Xupo is a brand that secured investment on BBC's Dragons Den but since decided to choose another route bringing on board a new NXD, Mr. B. Watkins (former CEO, Acer EU) and along with one of large distribution partners in the industry. Xupo® is a solution to an age-old problem - losing your marbles over not finding what you are looking for. After misplacing personal items, they decided to create a solution to end this problem once and for all.

With the smartphone, in a sense, becoming an extension of our mind, the team knew there should be an app together with a gadget to help you not lose the things that matter to you so that you have more time otherwise wasted searching. With Xupo you aren’t just connected to keys or laptop, you are also connected to other members of the Xupo community. Bluetooth Smart ™ technology means Xupo can help find your belongings even if they are out of range of your device. You can trigger a crowd search by sending a signal to all Xupo app users. If anyone is close to your item you get an update.

However, I wanted to learn more about that tech startup journey, appearing on Dragons Den and their experiences on the show. But also how they took their product on the road to CES in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

I speak with Raj Sark on the podcast who tells me all about the success story of Xupo. However, after embarking on a journey from concept -> product design -> Kickstarter -> procurement -> manufacturing -> fulfillment & distribution and product design from hardware, software, apps & qualifications. Sark has a lot of experience and also offers advice for other tech entrepreneurs who want to appear on Dragons Den or showcase their product at CES in Las Vegas.