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Jan 5, 2018

Nangians is a young Boston company that’s redefining how businesses measure online success. They help retail brands improve retargeting strategies on social media and other digital channels to track the impact advertising has on revenue. Right now, 90% of marketers are doing retargeting wrong, and it’s costing them billions.

Led by serial Entrepreneur, Rick Calvillo, Nanigans is an advertising automation leader specializing in improving retargeting and ad spend allocation, regardless of the channel. After starting with as simply a Facebook Marketing Partner, Nanigans now works with major brands like Rue La La to help optimize their ad spend and bridge the gap between paid and unpaid social.

While retargeting is nothing new, Nangians differentiates itself on how it measures success. Most marketers look at stats like CPC and last-touch clickthroughs and claim success for driving new customers. But, what about those users who would have bought anyway, even if they weren’t shown an ad? It doesn’t tell the full story. Instead, Nanigans’ platform is based on incremental revenue - the additional lift generated by advertising that would otherwise not have been captured without ad spend. This approach directly ties ad spend to revenue and has helped Rue La La see 6.5x higher return.

I invited Rick Calvillo Nanigans to learn more about the company’s journey, how its approach helps solve for many of the headaches marketers face, and how incrementality can help marketers take back control of their ad spend.