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Jan 7, 2018 — the online marketplace for buying, selling, and learning about music gear recently announced that its new record marketplace Reverb LP is now in open beta. The website will offer record stores, collectors, and music fans an easier and more cost-efficient option for buying and selling records and other physical music formats online.

“The current options for buying and selling records online — whether you run a store or just have a personal obsession, like me — is cumbersome,” said Reverb LP President Dan Melnick, who has more than 400 records from his personal collection on the site. “Based on the success and support we’ve experienced with and the knowledge we’ve gained growing the platform to what it is today, we’re uniquely positioned to provide the record industry with the best online marketplace for buying and selling records.”

Since launching in 2013, has grown into the most popular music gear website in the world, with sales expected to reach nearly $400 million this year and more than 10 million musicians and music lovers around the world visiting the website each month. Many of the same characteristics that differentiate from the competition will set Reverb LP apart from existing platforms, including:

  • Lower seller fees. It’s free to list
    records on Reverb LP and when an item sells, the company takes just 6 percent, making Reverb LP one of the most cost-efficient options available for selling physical music online.
  • A live customer service team full
    of record collectors, musicians, and music lovers.
  • Hyper-tailored technology and tools, like
    sales dashboards and Reverb Sites, which will allow stores and collectors to create their own branded website with their Reverb LP inventory synced and integrated.