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Jan 14, 2018

Paul Martini is not your average leader of a successful cybersecurity company. With his twin brother they blended their skillsets to create a security company to protect the distributed, mobile workforce.

In the early stages of Peter and Paul’s career, the two understood the need for employees to work securely, no matter their location. Following this vision, the two made their life’s work solving this problem and creating a company with the perfect solution

Driven by their vision and passion, they bootstrapped the company and focused on building out robust product capabilities. iboss amassed scores of patents and grew aggressively over the next decade (including raising $35 million Series A from Goldman Sachs in 2015).

Today, with more than 100 patents and patents pending, the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform protects over 4,000 organizations worldwide, making iboss one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies in the world.

I speak with Paul about how he grew a successful cybersecurity company.

We also discuss:

· Their decision to bootstrap their way into the market
· Growing a successful cybersecurity company in an extremely crowded market
· Best practices/advice for other CEOs looking to grow their company