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Jan 18, 2018

BrandYourself provides tools and services that help people and businesses monitor and improve how their image online, helping to clean up risk factors in search results and on social media as well as build a positive personal brand.

"In today’s age of cyber-bullying, revenge porn, hate sites and inadequate online privacy laws, everyone needs the power to protect and improve their reputation on the web" 

The platform consists of a DIY online reputation management software that walks users through the process of monitoring and improving their online presence and reputation management services for both personal brands and businesses. The company has raised over 6 million to date and is headquartered in New York.

"We all leave a giant footprint on the web and organizations increasingly use that data to make important decisions about you. Your online presence now affects your ability to get into college, get a job, or even get a credit card," advises Patrick Ambron, CEO at BrandYourself.

I invited Patrick Ambron onto the show to find out more about the new features which were released after BrandYourself analyzed over 50 million Facebook posts and over 200 million Google results to form a baseline for its machine learning technology, these include:

  • Reputation Score technology scans and scores your entire online presence, The Reputation Score is the only technology that accurately scours the web and matches your presence against a comprehensive known database of red flags and reinforcing factors that employers use to screen you.
  • Search Result Scanner scans Google for any webpages that could put you at risk. The machine learning engine has learned from over 200 million Google results to be able to accurately flag content in search results that could leave a bad first impression.
  • Social Post Scanner scans your social media for any unprofessional posts. The machine learning engine has learned from over 50 million posts to accurately flag social posts that cause hiring managers to reject candidates during online screenings.
  • Image Scanner scans social media for photos that could get you fired. The machine learning engine has learned from over 5 million photos to accurately flag images containing behavior that could hurt your career opportunities.
  • Reputation Builder guides you through crafting an impressive online presence. The intelligent algorithm learns who you are, then walks you step-by-step through building an online presence that maximizes your earning potential.