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Jan 23, 2018

I first came across the unique No Longer Virtual conference in a Forbes article entitled 7 'Can't-Miss' Conferences For Entrepreneurs in 2017. In a digital era where we all have an increasing number of online connections in our lives, Sarah Elkins had a special idea to get these online friends from all over the world into one room so they could truly be No Longer Virtual.

The first event was hosted in Atlanta and was a huge hit for those wondering how they could leverage their incredible online professional network to improve their real life, face-to-face business, and community. Next month, NLV will arrive in Denver hot on the heels of Sarah's recent podcast launch Your Stories, Don't Define You, How You Tell Them Will podcast.

“No Longer Virtual is about leveraging our online connections to improve our offline lives. It will not include keynote speakers. Instead, it's a cohesive curriculum of two-hour workshops co-facilitated by prominent LinkedIn voices, with intended outcomes and a plan for follow up after the conference."

The NLV agenda is designed to help attendees improve their sales, leadership, and personal communication through interactive, engaging sessions on topics like creating authentic, effective content and messaging. But, also about understanding how your personal brand impacts your professional life, how to build an audience online and offline using current technology, and leveraging your experience and relationships to scale and innovate in your business.

I invited Sarah Elkins back onto the show, to talk about this conference leverages the side-conversations between sessions and makes them the foundation of the NLV experience and why she is passionate about connecting beyond the keyboard.

You meet both myself and Sarah Elkins at this years NLV, so why not book your place now and take advantage of the $100 promo code "connect beyond the keyboard".