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Jan 28, 2018

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) is on a mission to transform the way top professionals share expertise and learn. They curate custom learning experiences with professionals and thought leaders around the world. The company organizes conversations, small group meetings, mentorships, surveys, and other interactions with a membership of more than 375,000 experts and thought leaders.

Essentially, GLG is the world’s largest membership for professional learning. With clients ranging from GE and Cisco to stealth companies and startups, GLG has 500,000+ on-demand experts able to discuss anything ranging from telecommunications to quantum physics, to healthcare. In the past when you needed an expert-level question answered, you would google it and search the internet. Now, when you need expertise, you use GLG and get on the phone with the right expert within 24 hours.

After hearing how GLG serves users at more than 1,400 client companies in 40 countries. I invited their CEO Alexander Saint-Amand onto the show to learn more about how they are using technology to transform the way top professionals share expertise and learn.