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Feb 7, 2018

The tech startup story behind how Wowza partnered with Facebook to launch the first broadcast-quality streaming device for professionals. 

Designed in collaboration with Facebook, the ClearCaster appliance is built from the ground up to ensure successful broadcasts on Facebook Live, from any workflow. The appliance offers many innovative and differentiated ways to engage with new and existing audiences on Facebook, including:

  • The ability to see comments and Live Reactions from followers, so you can react to them in real time and tailor your content on the fly.
  • Talent View functionality, allowing on-camera personalities to see exactly what their followers see.
  • An integrated countdown clock that cues the exact moment your stream goes live, eliminating awkward pauses for you and your viewers.

As a single, rack-mountable appliance, ClearCaster makes it easy to connect an editing system or live feed to the internet, and immediately authenticate to publish on Facebook Live. ClearCaster includes inputs for SDI and HDMI connections to easily deliver directly from HD cameras and other professional equipment.

CEO and Co-founder, Dave Stubenvoll reveals how engagement with an audience is quickly becoming the fastest measure of success – not just if someone watched your show.