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Feb 8, 2018

MeTEOR Education is a leading educational services partner working with education providers to help them create High-impact Learning Environments and High-impact Learning Experiences throughout the US.

As one of the largest providers of learning spaces, including furnishings and interior design services, MeTEOR's focus is the integration of best practices for teaching and learning to drive inquiry-based instruction, effective use of modern classrooms, and increased student achievement.

Although I am fascinated by EdTech and how technology is transforming education, I wanted to get beyond the buzzwords and their book Humanizing the Education Machine Thinking Guide captured my attention.

This new guide provides insights into why transforming today’s teaching and learning environments is at a tipping point. It also shares the steps educators must take to move today’s education model from the traditions born of the Gutenberg Revolution to the transformations emerging from the current Google revolution.

The Thinking Guide is a companion to the book Humanizing the Education Machine: How to Create Schools That Turn Disengaged Kids Into Inspired Learners, co-authored by Rex Miller, principal and thought leader for the future-focused consultancy and organizational performance firm MindShift, and Bill Latham, CEO of MeTEOR Education.

I talk with Bill Latham and learn why getting physical space right, before even thinking about technology is possibly more important than anything.