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Feb 9, 2018

When arriving at a concert or big event, most of us seldom think about the logistics behind the scenes. But this is a huge pain point in the industry.

Short-term or temporary staff from dishwashers, servers, bartenders, waitresses that do not arrive as the doors open to restaurants and large venues is a huge problem. A new staffing app called Jitjatjo is aiming to solve that problem by using AI to simplify talent acquisition and streamlining temp role fulfillment

The hospitality industry is notorious for its unpredictable nature, especially with staffing issues such as last-minute callouts, or the difficulty of scheduling according to fluctuations in demand. Jitjatjo is tackling the problem by empowering business owners to fill staffing voids by matching companies with reputable workers able to arrive on location in as little as one hour.

All Talent are employed by Jitjatjo as W2 employees, which removes the time-consuming burden of human resources processes, such as tax forms, payroll, etc., thus allowing managers to focus on building other aspects of their business.

Just like an Uber driver, Jitjatjo users can simply turn on their availability to pick up shifts at restaurants, bars and catering companies and get instantly paid as soon as they clock out.