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Feb 11, 2018

Tony Atti is a CEO that is revolutionizing the 100-year-old refrigeration industry and the way we cool everything from soda to flu vaccines and fiber optic cables.

Today’s cooling technologies are seriously uncool. Hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores rely on dated refrigeration systems that depend on bulky compressors, uses noisy fans, and cause harmful emissions – a system simply not fit for the modern world.

To solve this problem Tony took a route no one else would even consider: semiconductor technology. Today, his company, Phononic, is a $158M venture-backed company with major investors, including Tony Fadell and Jenny Lee. Phononic has been a CNBC Disruptor 50 Company two years’ running.

Phononic is innovating semiconductor solutions that revolutionize cooling and heating. The Company’s disruptive solid-state approach displaces compressors, heat sinks, and fans with products that are smart and sustainable.

Backed by a diversified and global mix of venture and private equity investors, Phononic’s products can be applied to everything from refrigerators to fiber optics, removing the barriers of traditional incumbents and ushering in a new era of cooling and heating.