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Feb 13, 2018

PicsArt, the world's largest editing app that's created a new kind of creative community and has evolved beyond its impressive product features to create a new kind of social collaboration. But, I wanted to learn more about how the PicsArt Photo Studio went from a small tech startup in Armenia and grew to be a global company, so I invited the CEO, Hovhannes Avoyon onto the show.

There are 3,000+ mobile-editing tools; the technology rivals the abilities of Photoshop, all on a smartphone. What makes it different from other photo editing apps (beyond its sheer scale) is how it moved beyond just cool product features + built an engaged, creative community. A community that collaborates with each other (+ brands), editing 850M+ images a month and actually sharing that content on other social platforms.

We also discuss how the secret to maintaining an engaged audience, through the growing pains, to this scale and developing technology that inspires creativity. The podcast is essential listening to anyone interested in learning how to grow a mobile-first and free platform to over 100M users