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Mar 7, 2018

Jay Leopardi is the co-founder and CEO of the entertainment industry’s newest lifestyle brand, Fanstereo. As an industry veteran, Leopardi had an early start in entertainment, which led to his career success as a lifestyle and pop culture branding expert.

Prior to the creation of Fanstereo, Jay founded Bad Boy Branding in 2006 – a full-service brand-building agency that specializes in developing a brand’s image, messaging and the strategic processes behind a brand’s success.

While working with clients including world-famous celebrities, start-up entrepreneurs, and mega-corporations, Bad Boy Branding skyrocketed, with Jay becoming labeled as 'The Master of Reinvention' due to his ability to empower his clients through messaging and branding.

While Jay’s main focus has been on the personal brands of celebrities, many of his most favorited projects have been within the fashion and technology industries.

Working alongside their partner Steve Rois, CEO of professional audio leader Direct Sound, Fanstereo was born in 2017, from the vision of connecting artists and musicians directly to their fans across the globe. Currently, Fanstereo offers consumer-facing products that include headphones, earphones and Bluetooth speakers, designed with cutting-edge technologies from the DNA of Direct Sound. As co-founder and CEO of the company, Jay oversees operations, partnerships, and product development.

I invited Jay Leopardi onto the podcast to learn how his own music career is responsible for his tech startup journey and partnering with artists such Ayo & Teo and Boosie Badazz with Fanstereo's headphone and speaker products.