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Mar 15, 2018

Bryan Miles is CEO & Co-founder of BELAY, alongside his wife Shannon. The leading US-based, virtual solutions company has over six hundred team members—all working from home, remotely thanks to advances in technology.

Without an office, BELAY the company has graced the Inc. 5000 list three times and was awarded the number one spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Company Culture.

BELAY provides virtual assistants, bookkeeping, copywriting, and webmaster services to leaders and fast-paced organizations. BELAY’s services equip leaders and organizations with the ability to climb higher when and where they need it most. BELAY’s vision is to help clients achieve their vision.

I talk to Bryan about his personal tech startup story that began when he and his wife handed in the notice for the day job on the same day and now spends his days virtually running his company from his porch in Georgia, from the mountains in Jackson Hole, or from the beaches in the panhandle of Florida.