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Mar 20, 2018

Have you ever searched online for hairdresser, dentist or saxophone teacher? These are just a few examples of businesses that do not have the required skillset to get their business online and why should they? This is not their area of expertise.

Consumers are increasingly searching for services online, and the reality is that many local businesses haven't had the time to catch up. However, UENI is a London based technology company that is getting these local businesses online to level the uneven digital playing field.

Rather than expect business owners to build their own website, as has been the model for businesses without large budgets, UENI builds it for them. To do this, UENI send its team of 'Walkers' all over Europe to find those local storefronts that don't yet exist online.

These Walkers travel on foot to collect details about each business (such as its name, location, and services) using the in-house UENI Walker app. Business owners can then check to see if their website is ready to launch now.

In addition to a website, UENI subscribers receive a Facebook Business page, are verified on Google Maps and are listed on a curated selection of online platforms based on the region and type of business.

I invited Christine Telyan onto the show to discuss how E-commerce has revolutionized the way we buy most things, but the service-sector has been left behind. And how UENI aim to change that.

We also discuss how they have already built more than 2 million websites for businesses throughout Europe - and how they are just getting started.