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Apr 20, 2018

Using both 3D depth information and advanced artificial intelligence to monitor IR reflectance characteristics, SensibleVision is designed with the most stringent security requirements. Their patented face recognition technologies dramatically reduce the need to type passwords, can save power and battery, and allow recognition in all lighting scenarios. It can allow split-second 3D face recognition assessments and will provide much more robust and secure AI-based authentication.

The companies 3D & 2D solutions, 3DVerify and FastAccess, leverage the power of AI to quickly capture and process tremendous amounts of data across a range of parameters, delivering secure authentication beyond any existing solutions for any device with 3D or 2D cameras.

  • Security is instant - users are verified immediately when they move in front of a device.
  • Security is constant - continuous recognition so the device is secured as soon as a user steps away, preventing unauthorized access to private information.
  • Security is invisible - a great user experience means not having to do anything. No passwords, no intrusive questions, no timers.
  • Security is everywhere - their technology works on computers, tablets, and laptops, and maintains the highest level of security on any device.

George Brostoff is the CEO of SensibleVision, a leader in AI-driven 3D face recognition and authentication solutions. His company has been innovating in this field for over 12 years leveraging seven issued patents. I invited him on to the show to find out more.