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May 3, 2018

Ori Eisen is the leader of the no passwords revolution. But the founder/CEO spent the past 20 years building technology to fight online crime and create a safer Internet, including working as worldwide fraud director at AMEX and then founding + selling his first company called 41st Parameter to Experian for $324 million.

Today's conversation is a must listen for anyone on a startup journey or has a desire to make a lot of money and then retire. We discuss the need to have a purpose and how financial gain is not the answer, it's having your own mission to make a difference. Trusona is his newest endeavor – with the mission to eliminate passwords. The product is so secure that Frank Abagnale, the real-life Catch Me If You Can con-artist turned four-decade FBI vet, has signed on as an active advisor.

While we all commiserate and recognize passwords as the bane of our online existence, it's the only technology from the 60's that hasn't changed that we still use today. Ori’s approach isn’t about just ending the use of passwords, it’s finding a safer, simpler replacement that genuinely reinvents authentication for the modern era.

Here on no passwords day, I wanted to take the opportunity to share his unique experience, inspirational story and deep expertise on this important that is sure to resonate with everyone listening.