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Jun 2, 2018

Freelance employment makes up 34% of the U.S workforce, contributing 1.4 trillion to the nation’s economy; and it is estimated that 50% of workers will be full-time freelancers by 2027. However, the current marketplace mainly caters to entry-level tasks, charges high fees, and can take weeks for payment processing. Plus, platforms like Upwork hide contractor’s identities in order to prevent them from working directly with employers.

Now, there's WorkCoin–a ‘Google for Gigs’ professional services marketplace (now in desktop beta with iOS and Android apps coming later this year) that provides verified identities to allow employers to search any term and find relevant freelancers with a hashtag-driven search engine. They've just announced that their platform now has zero commission fees (previously 5%) to enable payments, arbitration, and dispute resolution at no cost to users.