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Jun 5, 2018

Filld is a gas delivery app and service based in the Bay Area, who services fleets nationwide and just launched a pilot consumer delivery service in Seattle (they already had consumer service delivery in Silicon Valley). The tech startup was founded in 2015 and has raised over $16 million in capital to date.

Filld is creating a flexible fuel infrastructure so we can live in a world where all forms of energy are more accessible. In a digital world where gas stations are disappearing, consumers can have someone fill up their car while it sits on their drive.

However, Filld is not just about consumers, it also helps businesses such as car2go, Bentley Motors, Volvo, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car that struggle with the time constraints and fraud implications of fueling entire fleets of vehicles. 

I speak with Michael Buhr (the CEO and President) and discuss what a future without gas stations looks like and the changing "last-mile" of the retail fueling space.