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Jun 18, 2018

Workboard is an innovative startup with the ambitious goal of creating a new category called Active Strategy Management to help the C-suite at fast-growth startups and business leaders at enterprise companies to accelerate their growth strategies.

CEO and Co-Founder at Workboard, Deidre Paknad has decades of experience leading large enterprise and emerging startup teams focused on strategic pursuits and is passionate about helping other leaders engage their teams in great achievements.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, she has founded and led several companies, created new market categories and established industry reference models. Her previous company, PSS Systems, was acquired by IBM, where she went on to lead a high-growth global business working with CIOs on IT transformation initiatives.

Her startup Workboard is already making waves, with an impressive roster of clients ranging from enterprise behemoths like Microsoft and IBM to fresh and quickly growing startups. I invited her on to today's podcast to find out more.