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Jun 22, 2018

SessionM is a customer data and engagement platform that handles complex, large-scale personal data sets for some of the largest organizations around the globe – including enterprise brands like Nike, L’Oreal, Kimberly Clark, Coca Cola, TGI Fridays and others.

Taking advantage of the fact that the SessionM platform unifies customer profiles into a single record, this new feature set will enable client representatives to quickly and simply service GDPR-related requests, including those to opt-out of profiling, “forget”, modify or export all personal data.

Beyond GDPR, SessionM is deeply experienced with helping brands create engaging customer experiences that cultivate brand loyalty.

Patrick Reynolds is CMO of SessionM and dives into the state of customer data platforms (CDPs), how the rise of AI doesn’t mean the fall of marketing jobs as well as what these platforms what they mean for brands and for consumers alike.